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Porcelain and Ceramics

    Nature Fusion has been selective with their preferred choice of porcelain to offer their clients selecting only the best quality and finishes suitable for both commercial and domestic installations. Mirroring natural stone and with a thickness of 7-9mm and sizes up to a large format of 1200 x 600 and larger! it is an excellant covering for walls and floors alike. It is exceptionally durable and with a porosity of 0.02% virtually impervious to staining. Along with the tiles ranging from 300 x 300 to larger formats they also come with skirtings with a finished top edge, step treads with grooves. Nature fusion has in their collection many of the greys, beiges and minimalist shades which can be enhanced in the home by furnishings and accessories. In the commercial environment these colours
    also give a sense of space and simplicity and again can be brought to life with other natural surfaces such as stone and wood. Porcelain can be used as already stressed in conjunction with natural stone or wood using the porcelain on the walls and floors then adding a stone (limestone, marble, granite or wood) vanity top with a stone basin or an under-mounted basin can bring the whole bathroom to life! Porcelain is more often the preferred choice for commercial installations - never detracting the eye from the products on sale yet providing a strong floor surface easy to maintain, stain free and hygenic. Surfaces can be slightly textured ensuring excellent 'anti-slip' properties yet still with the ease of maintenance one associates with porcelain - after all we 'eat' off porcelain plates!! Nature Fusion are happy to discuss the most 'fit for purpose' material to use whether the project is your own home or a large commerical development.

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